Virtual Rally Tours

Who could possibly have imagined that 2020 would turn out the way it has? The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on our education system, and schools are scrambling to try and adapt in every way possible.

With learners starting to return to school, the Rally to Read Programme is set to establishing individual Rally schools’ needs. In this way, Rally trainers will support the teachers and learners in order to help them complete the academic year.

Given the circumstances, we will not host Rallies in September; however, we are pleased to announce that there will be virtual Rally school tours in order to keep you appraised of schools’ progress. On the bright side, this means more people will be able to participate in the feedback process!

Without you, our faithful supporters, we wouldn’t be where we are, today. Your generosity has carried the Rally schools, and we know your heart is geared to keep on giving, even through these extraordinary times.

Over the years, Rally to Read has requested a fixed sum of money that covered the cost of the books and training support per school. In total, we would need just over R1 million per Rally province (R36 000 x 29 donors) to supply Rally schools with resources and training support per year.

We are now asking you for whatever amount you are able to give.

In order for us to support our Rally schools in a meaningful way through the COVID-19 aftermath, we’ve calculated that we would need to raise an absolute minimum of R350 000 per Rally province. (Naturally, reaching our target of R1 046 560 per Rally province, would still be first prize!)

To date, the following donations have been raised per province, excluding Mpumalanga and KZN Pietermaritzburg which will be funded by their individual donors:

Rally Province Western Cape Eastern Cape Free State KZN Berg
Donations Raised R 433 144 R 110 000 R 89 000 R 53 000
Goal R 500 000 R 350 000 R 350 000 R 350 000
Donations still needed R 66 856 R 240 000 R 261 000 R 297 000

To give you an idea of what various amounts raised would yield/achieve per Rally province, we’ve
drawn up this Rally to Read Funding Model:

Option Dontation Received Implementation
1 Full donations received, i.e. R1 046 560 million per Rally:

The programme will have funding to supply all Rally schools with books and teacher support for the coming year. The implementation will be a blended approach of both face-to-face interaction and some digital content.

Full budget breakdown in Annexure A

2 Total donations of R500 000 per Rally

Full complement of Rally schools participate (10 -12 schools).

Both the book supply and teacher support will be reduced by 50%. The Read trainer will support schools for 10 days a month.

The implementation will remain a blended approach of both face-to-face interaction and some digital content.

The Reading Teacher approach will be followed.

The Trainer will support the learners (rather than the teacher) to improve their reading and language abilities outside the classroom.

A reading room will be set up with resources to assist with this. Learners from both phases will be assisted at least once a month per school. (Trainer to work on Rally for 10 days a month)

3 Donations of less than R350 000 per Rally

Each Rally school will receive one box of books of classroom language material for either FP or IP.

Training and support of 5 days a month for 10 months, will be offered for the year.

More digital contact between trainer and teachers.

Two mobile library boxes of R14 500 per mobile library for 12 schools = R350 000.00

Each Rally school to receive two mobile libraries filled with independent readers for both phases.

The trainer will provide a training session to teachers on how to use the classroom library.

Box = R 3 500
Books = R 6 000
Training = R 4 000 p/d
Delivery = R 1 000

4 Delivery of single mobile library boxes – R16 500 per mobile library to selected schools.

A selection of independent readers is chosen by READ to be used inside a classroom as reading resources for learners and teachers in a phase (FP or IP) or grade in the school. The books are housed in a lockable bookcase that can be branded with sponsors’ logos.

Training (1 session) is provided to teachers on the use of the Classroom library.

Box = R 3 500
Books = R 8 000
Training = R 4 000 p/d
Delivery = R 1 000

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